Let’s talk training and Vega Sport fueling. Plus a giveaway!

Sport Bundle - Full Marathon

I was thinking about how long it’s been since I went vegetarian and then vegan.  I became a vegetarian 3 years ago and one month.  It was shortly after that, about 5 months, that I realized dairy was wreaking havoc with my stomach.  My husband suggested I tested out removing it.  Once I did, it was the most enormous change in the way I felt.  The way I preformed.  The way I looked.  But my next big question was… how do I train on a vegan diet?  How would I get enough protein to rebuild muscles and turn them over fast enough for training.  I’m not a fan of processed foods.  I avoid ingredients I cannot identify.  So I turned to my running friends/advisors that help me all the time and they all suggested Vega.  I made a few connections and my journey with Vega Team began there.

I train 6 days a week.  Strength.  Running. Cycling.  I have trained for my second full marathon completely fueled by a vegan diet in March with over an hour personal record.  Training now for something larger.  I eat completely plant-based with my fitness fuel all from Vega Sport exclusively.  Now I’m running about 40-45 miles per week.  Strength training 2-3 times per week.  Cycle once per week with my husband.  It’s relentless but I love it.

Thanks to my partnership with Vega, and sharing some of my favorite recipes that I’ve created with their products – I have an opportunity to share their awesomeness with YOU!  Training plans for strength and for running– whatever distance you’re looking for.  FREE of charge!  How exciting!  PLUS one lucky winner will receive:  Vega Sport Marathon Training Kit – 2 x Performance Protein, Pre-Workout Energizer, Recovery Accelerator, Hydrator which is currently on sale for $233.94!

So let’s break all of this down… the training sign-ups are completely FREE for anyone, wherever you are in the world.    You can sign up for one or both here.

Free Running/Strength & Conditioning Training Plans
2 different series of free multi-week Training Plans emailed to you. Choose from Running or Strength & Conditioning –

Yes, you can sign up for both!
· Sign up here

So what can you expect from the guides?
· Meal & Fueling plans
· Training plans
o 10K Race
o Half-Marathon
o Full-Marathon
o 4 Week Strength + Conditioning
· Detailed Workout Series
· 25+ Tasty (and functional!) recipes
· Grocery Lists
· Workout and Nutrition Difference Makers
· Playlists to pump you up and rock your happy pace
· Curated articles by health experts
· … FAQs, Infographics, and SO much more!


Once signed up, you’ll receive the following PDF downloads (15-25 pages each):

Running Program:

· Week 1: Long Slow Distance Runs

· Week 2: Tempo Runs

· Week 3: Hill Runs and Speedwork

· Week 4: Shakeout Runs

· Week 5: Cross-training

· Week 6: Rest Days

· Week 7: Longer Slow Distance: End of Training Plan

· Week 8: Race Day!


An example training plan:

Strength Program: 
· Week 1: Develop a stronger core and improve full-body strength

· Week 2: Build lean muscle and reduce body fat

· Week 3: Strengthen your conditioning and endurance

· Week 4: Recover faster

· Week 5: Improve speed, agility and quickness

· Week 6: Enhance explosive power

Building strength training into your running agenda is key to keeping you strong.  Signing up for both programs, again free of charge, can be done here.


Contest Details:

U.S. or Canadian residents only with a mailing address (no P.O. boxes).
Winner must email me within 48 hours of notification ([email protected]) to claim your prize.  If the winner fails to comply, a new winner will be selected.
The prize will be sent directly to the winner by Vega.

Okay so information overload.  How do you enter?  See below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
fitness_update So my update on my Vega Sport training is as follows:

Monday: 6.52 treadmill miles/strength training
Tuesday:  13.6 outdoor miles (heart rate training)
Wednesday: Traveling/rest day
Thursday: 10 outdoor miles
Friday: 10 outdoor miles
Saturday: 10 outdoor miles

Weekly total:  50 running miles.

Happily all fueled by my Vega Sport Energizer/Recovery/Protein Powder and Mint Chocolate Bars (which are addictive) along with chocolate maca bars.  Heavenly!  


— Knead to Cook

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  1. This is great! I am working on getting back on track with my running. These plans are going to be such a fantastic help. I signed up for both 🙂

  2. Wow, what wonderful resources! I am trying so hard to get back into a regular workout routine. I signed up for both plans! Thank you, thank you!

  3. Okay, I’m the worst when it comes to healthy eating but I have to tell you, your posts have helped change (even if just a little) how I eat. Before, I didn’t care at all but I’m starting to at least think about what I’m putting in my body now. So thank you. Big thank you. (Oh and I signed up for both! ♡ )

    1. Well that just makes me so happy! It’s definitely worth the education. I always say food now or medicine later. Wishing you tons of luck in the giveaway 🙂 oxox

  4. I swear by Vega as a vegan athlete. I’ve been vegan for ~3.5 years, and within the past six months I’ve been very diligent about following up my morning workout with either Vega All-in-One or the Vega Sport protein shakes prepped with almond milk, bananas, frozen berries, and chia seeds.

    I signed up for the running nutrition program emails a few weeks ago – I love them!!! It’s a nice reminder of the purpose of training and how to hydrate appropriately for each one. I’m currently training for olympic distance triathlons, would love if Vega would come out with some tri-training plans with suggested meal plans for the two-a-day workouts that are often required when you’re trying to fit in equal training for all three sports plus strength!!

    1. PS, I’m also on day 27 of my run streak of running at least 1mi/day, but usually running 2-5 on top of my swim/bike training, and thanks to the BCAA’s in Vega Sport Protein my legs still feel great!!

    2. Okay you are inspiration! How awesome and I agree – having a roadmap and plan helps to keep training super focused. You are awesome! Good luck with the giveaway. oxo

      1. not sure if you realized this – i think that’s not the right instagram name for Vega – it’s vega_team – the other is definitely not them 😉

  5. I just signed up for the Strength program. I really like this. I had been looking for a routine to follow and this one seems perfect.

  6. Hopefully looking forward to try Vega!! Only ever heard great things. And with this new strength training routine you’ve introduced, I’ll only get stronger from here.

  7. My family has always been worried about my protein intake as an athlete and veggie-head, but they don’t need to. There are so many good plant-based proteins out there!

  8. I just started training for my second half marathon, so this post was perfect timing for me! Just signed up for the running program.

  9. I’m so excited about this giveaway! Plus these links to training programs are a great resource. Just like with cooking I feel better about following a set of directions so these programs are sure to be a success. Looking to PR on my next half and as always the diet is always a key factor. Hopefully I will get there with these resources. Thanks again and love everything you do!


  10. I’m looking into the strength program, been wanting to do something like this for a while on my own, without having to go to a group class. Super easy guide to follow, and everything is explained so well.

    1. Natalia, I’m so with you. I prefer to workout on my schedule/time without classes and love this strength training program. I wish you the best of luck with the giveaway too 🙂

  11. I love your blog! I was wondering if you work outside the home and if so, when you find the time for all of t

    1. I work inside the home and get up very early (4am) to fit it all in. I make fitness a huge priority in my life so 4am is my time that the world seems to stop and I can get it in. oxo

  12. What great timing! I love the training programs you shared and have struggled to find suitable supplements and products that work for me since I’m lactose-intolerant. I love this and am so excited about the chance to try out the Vega products.

    1. Claudia, I struggled with it when I pursued a vegan diet. Everything has worked perfectly with me training for my marathon and now as I start training my body for the next big thing 😉 oxo

  13. I haven’t raced a marathon in a couple years (yikes!) but I’m going to do a fall marathon (haven’t picked one quite yet) so I signed up for the full marathon program! Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway. It would be sooo awesome to try out Vega’s training program fueled with Vega’s products!

  14. So I have never actually tried protein power before, but I would love to! I am not a good heat/humidity runner so I am actually just trying to maintain this summer.

  15. I signed up for both!! I LOVE the performance protein powder and pre-workout… it’s made such a huge difference in my training! looking forward to checking out the training programs 🙂

  16. I love Vega products! I used their accelerator and recovery mix a LOT a couple years back. But I like to mix things up and rotate the products I use. I think I’m ready to switch back to Vega. 🙂 Thanks for the thorough post Robin! Hope your training is going well.

  17. I’d love the strength and conditioning information- I absolutely LOVE my daily VEGA shakes but have been looking at a bunch of the rest of their performance line for a while…

  18. I love Vega and I’ve actually subscribed to a few of their nutrition training plans. They’re really helpful!

  19. Of course I signed up for both! Nutrition is always something that I’m working on improving, and I really think that Vega can help me fill in some of the gaps

  20. I’m gearing up for my next marathon – so I chose that plan. Although, I will probably sign up for the strength one as well!

  21. Robin, your posts are always so inspiring! I have been an avid runner for three years now, and a vegetarian for 9 years. I recently (in the past two years) have begun to make the switch to veganism (for ethical reasons!) but find it challenging to plan a roadmap for my diet that compilents my exercise goals appropriately. This Vega plan is exactly what the doctor ordered! Signed up for both plans!! Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Emily, I was teary-eyed reading your post. I’m so glad you took the time to share with me and I’m so happy. I’m with you that some days are definitely interesting to navigate. I have been truly thrilled to work with Vega and have their support. Running and training is hard enough but to replenish it with superior vegan nutrition is key. I trained for my marathon only using Vega and was so pleased. No odd chemicals or ingredients to make you sick. I wish you lots of luck and please keep in touch! Robin oxo

  22. I signed up for the running program. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win Vega stuff! I love their products!

  23. Signing up for strength. My knee is till injured from falling a year ago and I think a strength program would be great for me. I miss running. I used to coach a group of students to train for races 5k-Marathon. I use Vega Protein & Greens in my smoothies. Such a great source of protein! Would love to try their other products.

  24. I’m going for broke and going for both. Switching to a vegan diet in January for the 21 Day Challenge has changed everything for me. I love how I feel and how colorful my plate is. Running has never been easy for me, but I completed the C25K plan and am brave enough to go for 10k!

  25. Awesome! Just signed up for the strength plan as I’m lacking in that department and I think it’ll give me a boost as I’m marathon training at the moment. Great timing on the giveaway, I’m almost out of the pre-workout energizer and Vega Sport protein so my fingers are crossed!

  26. I’ve been using Vega products for nearly two years now. It started with the Vega One and then I slowly started trying out some of the sport products for my race training. The recovery formula is the best after a long run!

  27. I decided to try out both! I’m not a practising vegan but I believe a more prominently plant based diet is more be focus for my running and strength. Excited to incorporate it!

    1. Nicole, That’s great and it works great for whatever type of diet. I love not putting in chemicals when training – I have a sensitive stomach. Wishing you the best of luck!!

  28. I got both! As a former athlete, the training plans are perfect! I hope to be able to run as well as you! Thanks for inspiring me!

  29. I signed up for both and I can’t wait to use all the great resources to improve my current training program!

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