Homemade Tortilla Chips – You pick the flavor!

If you’re like me, you hate buying chips from the store.  Even the baked versions taste like “manufactured” food.  We do it out of convenience but really, after whipping up a bunch of these homemade chips, you won’t go back to the store bought version.  You control the spices, flavors and how crispy you want them.  Perfect for game day or any party.  Also, perfect alongside guac or salsa.


This recipe is so easy.  Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and pull out two baking sheets.  Set aside.  Then take your package of corn tortillas and place about 8 stacked up on a cutting board.  Cut them in half (doing this 4x) or cut to your desired size.  Cut in half.  Then rotate and repeat, so you have 4 equal triangles.  Then half those.  Place on your baking sheet.

Now if you’re going a savory route, I spray with an olive oil mister (light coat) then top with you favorite spice.  Cumin, cayenne pepper, chili lime sea salt, sea salt.  In this batch I used chili lime sea salt from The Mystic Blue Spice Company.  First I squeezed fresh lime juice on each chip, then topped with a pinch of the seasoning.

If you’re going sweet… spritz with olive oil and then top with cinnamon, cinnamon and sugar etc.

If you’re going plain… spritz with olive oil.

Baked for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown and crispy.

— Knead to Cook

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