Super simple fruit & herb infused alcohol.

My husband was inspired by a friend’s of ours to try making this liquor on his own. We had been over their house for a properly social distanced dinner outside and they brought out a passionfruit liquor that they had made. She happily shared the recipe and I wanted to pass it along on the blog. Bill, of course, made his own versions – 2 in fact, but seriously the options are endless. The original recipe was share multiple times over and again, I don’t know the origin. I’m sorry. This recipe yielded 2 separate bottles of different flavor profiles. You can easily just make one larger batch or divide up.

1 litre of alcohol (we used Everclear)
1/2 litre of fruit/herbs of choice
2 litres of water
1.5 kg sugar


Again this is to yield one larger batch and how the original recipe was written.

Place in a one litre bottle: add fruit (sliced or pureed), and 1/2 litre of alcohol. Infuse for 15 days, occasionally swirling around in the bottle. After the 15 days, filter the fruit out and discard.

Make your simple syrup by adding the sugar/water to a pot over medium heat. Whisk until combined and remove from the heat. Allow to cool.

Add the remaining alcohol and simple syrup you made. Let stand another 15 days then filter before adding to a clean container for storage. Best stored in a dark, cooler location. This will easily last years! Makes a great holiday gift.

Bill made two flavors:
Strawberry & basil
Watermelon & mint

My friend’s have made raspberry, passionfruit, peach etc.

Because I don’t drink alcohol, Bill thought the watermelon and basil was a bit too sweet but again, that’s preference. He normally isn’t a sweet kind of person. But everyone loved the flavors etc.

Cheers! ~ox

— Knead to Cook

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