Fall running favorites. Garmin Fitness Vivoactive HR Smartwatch Giveaway.



Not a food post but an exciting giveaway with Garmin Fitness. If you follow me on Instagram I announced a fun giveaway for this beauty last evening.  Vivoactive GPS Heart Rate Smart watch.  You can read all about it here.  Retail is $249.99.  I realize some people aren’t on Insta so I wanted to share this giveaway here as well. Please comment on this post or any recipe posted from now till November 6th.  8p EST a winner will be announced, tagged and emailed.  A 24 hour reply is mandatory or we randomly select another winner.  U.S. residents only.

I also wanted to share some fall running favorites with you all before fall is over & I miss my opportunity.  I run at 4:30a or so & require lots of reflective & WARM gear.   These are my top favorites.

Okay so to get you out the door these are my favorites & what you will see me wearing from now till spring.


Picture 1Lucy Reflective Running Tights , Picture 2Black Diamond Revolt Headlamp ,Picture 3 – Reflective Running Gloves

I suffer badly from Raynaud’s so I’ve found that these are integral and sold by the case at Costco.  I just insert these into mittens when the temperature is in the 30’s or below.


And finally, my fuel changes that I’ve been making.  Since seeing a sports dietician, she recommended I use this starch-based fuel, U Can, in lieu of gels/GUs.  I have a super sensitive stomach and training for 3-5 hours of running, I can’t handle another sugar loaded gel.  I use one scoop of this mixed with my Vega Energizer in my water bottle. My stomach and energy have been great!

plaintub_main 10-products_0000s_0006s_0002s_0000_us_vegasport_sugarfreeenergizer_tub_lemonlime_5

What are your fall running favorites?  I’m always excited to hear what you love and what you use to keep yourself visible and warm.  Please always take the time to replace batteries in your flashing lights so that you aren’t out there not visible to drivers.  Trust me, this happened to me today in a rainstorm.

I wish you happy fall running & training.  Also good luck on the watch giveaway!


My update on running/training for the week looks like this…

Sunday:  7.25 outdoor, windy miles
Monday: 60m elliptical, 60m treadmill incline walking, weights/core
Tuesday: 9 outdoor miles
Wednesday:  60m elliptical, 45m treadmill incline walking, weights shoulders/abs
Thursday: 11 outdoor, rainy & windy miles

I’ve been battling a cold all week long so wasn’t trying to push my effort beyond reason.  A light training day tomorrow then a rest day.



— Knead to Cook

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  1. Love the Vega protein, though I’ve never tried the energizer kind. I’ll have to give that a try! You’re a champ for going at 4:30am btw!!

  2. Would love to have this Garmin!!

    No snacks today between brunch and dinner…giving it a shot at least! Teaching my body when to be hungry and when to not needlessly munch πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks for your input on Vega Energizer.. saw it recently and have been wanting to try it.. now I will! And by the way.. I love ur IG post!

  4. I’m trying to get that watch! LOL! What Garmin do you wear? Is that the 235?? I’m ready for a new one. I might try the Ucan. Thanks! Great post πŸ™‚ By the way, love your IG!

    1. Hi Kae! I wear the Garmin Fenix 3 heart rate. I love it. I’m a big fan of having the heart rate built in like this Vivoactive! Thank you for your kindness and best of luck.

  5. Love the Vega protein too, I really should try more of their products. So badly hoping to win a new Garmin too!

  6. I’m super interested in trying out that Ucan and Energizer. My tummy is finicky as well, and I’ve had such a hard time looking for fuel that works for longer runs. Definitely don’t like carrying a meal’a worth of munchies! Any tips on where to purchase? Also, what size handheld do you utilize?

  7. Love the Vega too! And Ill have to look for those gloves! Exciting giveaway you are having, fingers crossed!

  8. Used the Ucan for a midnight race in Texas. It wasn’t bad but the race was mid July and so hot that I haven’t tried it since then just because those conditions will make anyone sick. Haha. Excited about this giveaway too!

  9. Hi Robin! Thank you so much for your post about your nutrition change up. I’m always interested in new ways to fuel, and I’m excited to try the Ucan with the Vega!

  10. Love following you on IG. Enjoy watching your “stories” with your workout updates. πŸ™‚ Would LOOOOOOVE this Garmin. I need a new one so bad- my teen son has taken over my old one.

  11. I started using Vega products recently (partly bc I see IG like yourself rave about how good they are) and I love them. They have clean ingredients and so the job. Thanks for always sharing and inspiring:) crossing my fingers

  12. You are such an inspiration! Trying to get back into running after a baby and this watch would be soooo amazing to win! Love following you on insta!

  13. The vivo active looks cool! I tried Ucan but I didn’t take it to it. I wonder if mixing it with something other than water would help?

  14. I dig those Nike reflective gloves! UCAN is something I’m just starting to use and I’ve always enjoyed vega pre (and post) workout, I love the idea of mixing them. Perhaps that can be my tool in working out before breakfast.
    Happy resting.

  15. This is what I’ve been saving my birthday money for. Would be awesome to win. Battling foot issues lately so no running, but walking 8 miles per day. A girls gotta get it in somehow πŸ˜‰

  16. this would be nice for my college daughter she works out when shes not studying or working and shes been wanting a device to track your workouts

  17. Thanks for the opportunity, Robin. My Nike watch is no longer being made and I need something easier to use than a traditional garmin. This looks great!

  18. I would love to enter to win the watch. One year ago, I had to take a break from distance running due to knee surgery. I’m hoping to start increasing milage again and my old Garmin no longer works. Thanks!

  19. I’m super interested in giving the energizer a try! I also follow along on snapchat and instastories and am really intrigued by Nikki’s coconut butter! All of the flavors sound incredible, so that’s another item on my list of things to try. Personally, I’ve been liking Nuun Energy for a preworkout boost of energy. Can’t wait to find out who wins the watch!! I would be so extremely grateful if it was me! I’ve been following along for years now silently and just want to say thank you for being you!!! I love your snapchats and look forward to them each day.

  20. Been following your blog and Instagram for a while; especially during your injury rehab..it’s OF luck to you!

    Also, never thought I would need a headlamp ever in my life until I started running!

    1. Dawn, I agree. That headlamp is crazy but works perfectly. Works best with a hat tho so it doesn’t slide down your sweaty head. Not fashionable but safe. Good luck to you! Thanks for the love and support.

  21. I’m an early morning runner too!! I am always out the door by 4 am. I’ve read great reviews on the Garmin Viviactive. I’d love to win!!

  22. I would love to update my Garmin . And thanks for the running glove tip! I also have Raynaud’s and have yet to find a glove I really like for running.

  23. Thank you for sharing about the hand warmers! As far as I know, my hand sensitivity to cold hasn’t been linked to anything serious, but it’s frustrating to have to deal with it. At 29 and finally feeling in the best shape of my life, it tends to be a downer and frustration a lot of times. While my hands are freezing, the rest of my body is sweating. I recently ran my 1st marathon and qualified for Boston, but I’ve been dreading training in the winter. Maybe the hand warmers will make all the difference for me :). Your posts are so helpful, thank you for sharing your experiences, equipment, etc. I’m new to the world of running and inexperienced, your tips have been so helpful. Btw, I’m amazed how you find the time to log so many miles, take care of your family, and work. I definitely have no excuses!

    1. Natalia, CONGRATS on BQ!! Geez lady you are a rockstar. Raynaud’s seems to happen with RA from what my docs have said. If I have a smoothie that’s too cold I have issues. I do use mittens (better than gloves) and add those warmers all the time. They do help take the edge off. No excuses, right? Wishing you the best of luck with the giveaway. oxo

  24. Hello! I used to run. But, “the change” kinda zapped my life away from me… Literally, menopause has killed my waistline πŸ™ I see your Instagram Stories and I’m inspired by you! Thank you for sharing the details with all of us following along!

  25. I have a super sensitive stomach too so will definitely check out the Ucan product. I’ve been using Huma gels for the past few weeks and the texture is a little gritty (probably the chia seeds). Thanks for the recommendation on the headlamp too. ❀️

  26. I think it is awesome to see someone combining fitness and nutrition so seamlessly. Well done. Good post and inspiring blog. The font is also to die for. πŸ™‚

  27. Have to admit – the prospect of not wearing my HRM around my chest (so cold to put in the winter!!!) This give away appeals to me.

    I also used the sugar free
    Vega energizer lemon-lime, but would like to try the berry.

  28. I am a huge fan darker fall running with my teeny NiteIze Shoe Lits because they’re both a light and reflective (awesome if they burn out) and they’re small enough I can stick ’em anywhere, not just on shoes. I also love the super bright blue lights from RoadID, because they’re not a color you expect, so I stick them on our run stroller so no one misses us coming down the street. Add a bottle of warm apple cider Skratch and I’m a happy mother runner! I love your reminder about checking batteries. My rule of thumb is “dress like a Christmas tree” and checking if I have enough going on if something were to burn out. Better too much than not enough!

    1. Oh my friend, I so agree. My lights were getting quite dim and my husband saw me on a dark and rainy morning and reminded me. The important reminders πŸ˜‰ Hugs and love to you and best of luck with the giveaway!

  29. I am so happy to be following you now. ALL of your recipes look fantastic. My 14 year old son is in need of lots of high fiber meals to help with some stomach issues. Can’t wait to start cooking. Thank you.
    Fingers crossed on the garmin giveaway!!!

  30. I’m so in love with those Lucy tights and the vega recovery has been a game changer for me. I’m loving your vegan recipes. Running NYC Marathon this weekend. Love the blog!

    1. MC!! Ahhh best of luck to you! I’m heading in to NYC to meet up with some friends running. Exciting! Best of luck! And those tights are a game changer. The most comfortable yet!

  31. Hey! Saw your Insta post! Thanks for always posting inspirational healthy pics & info! What flavor vega do you use? The one I tried was a little strange but you can beat their ingredients! I hope luck is on my side and I get that watch!

  32. I have been needing a watch that accurately tracks my exercise. The one I had that broke only tracked when I was walking or running it didn’t track when I rode my bike

  33. Thanks for the tips! I have began running at the gym in the early mornings and I can’t imagine running at any other time of the day now -I’m hooked! Starting the day with a run is the best way to wake up. I would love a Garmin watch someday so I can begin heart rate training! Good luck everyone! Thanks for all of your inspiring, informative, and motivational post’s, I love reading your blog!