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Let me give you a bit of a recap. I do hate adding too much text in my normal postings however this needs a bit of a backstory. In September, Bill and I were discussing selling our 4k sq ft family home in suburbia. Our girls are grown and out and it was just the three of us (my dad included). It was too much maintenance and we ultimately had aspirations of living in the city. We contacted our friends/realtor to discuss. She honestly wanted us to stay but something was pulling us. Fast forward to October and we listed it! The house listing went live on a Thursday night and we planned showings Friday- Sunday ending by 4p. We would reconvene at 5p at her office to review offers and make our decision. 18 showings, 9 offers later we had made our decision. Closing was slated for Dec 31st.

With that the process of downsizing & selling/donating everything we owned began. It was quite an undertaking. That while searching for our new, smaller city home. Well the market was exceptional for selling it was a nightmare for purchasing. Houses came and went under contract in hours.

By the end of October, we were heading to see an AirBnB we were considering renting for a few months. You see, Bill wanted to rent until spring when he felt the market would be saturated. I didn’t have the same feeling and was quite anxious to find something asap.

On our way to the viewing of the home, we passed by a row home that was clearly being flipped. I made mental note and after the showing, we headed over. Bill knocked on the door and the rest is history! We made a full ask offer from the trio (real estate agent/2 carpenter flippers). The house was built in 1857 and was completely renovated down to the windows/heating/ac unit. Thankfully they kept many charming details. We were in love. But the long story short is that the inspection revealed an outside water pipe issue that needed repair at 35k. After bumping up our closing to the 15th of Dec., we pushed it back and ultimately closed a week before Christmas.

Although the house was renovated, we added many other touches from the plate glass shower partition, shutters, all window treatments, carpeting the staircases, painting the front door, installing window boxes and ultimately the backyard which begins construction in one month.

Each week I’ll be sharing some pics from the home per request & we hope you enjoy our 1500 sq ft city row home.

Long gone is our spacious Peloton room we had in our old house. I oddly feel better in this closer, less wasted space home. Everything has a home, purpose and honesty is a dream to clean now. Our Peloton is in our master and my weights live under our bed.

From our bedroom you walk down a small hallway (each of us have a lovely walk-in closet with pocket doors to our bathroom.

Our bathroom is not short on space but countertop space is limited with a large sink. We have two larger, low-profile baskets underneath the custom made cabinet for extra storage. Plus we added two reclaimed wood shelves for skincare/toothpaste/spf that we use daily along with a small makeup caddy. This move has taught me that more is just more and not necessarily better. We do also have a linen closet in the hallway that was supposed to be used for laundry (we opted to put that in the basement) that houses all of our extra supplies not kept on our shelving in the bathroom.

That’s it from our bedroom sanctuary. Stay tuned next week for another reveal.

— Knead to Cook

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