City Guide: South Beach, Miami and Key West Vegan

We had 6 nights/7 days & wanted a tropical vacay without a lot of flight/travel time.  My oldest suggested South Beach & we booked the trip.  Having spent every summer in South Beach from my teenage years through early 20’s… I love it there but oh the humidity.  I clearly was more tolerant in my youth than I am today.  I won’t be retiring to Florida or anywhere down south but we did have a blast.

Miami is a super short flight from PA so it worked.  We stayed at 2 different hotels during our trip.  I want to cover in this brief posting where we stayed and ate.  Clearly walking around, shopping, touring etc. are all things that are preference by tourist.  We tour a lot.  Walked a ton each day and consequentially sweat our body weight out each and every day.  We spent only 2 days laying out for a few hours because we’re all a bit too active to just relax πŸ˜‰

So let’s get started!

We flew into Miami International Airport.


Kimpton Surfcomber – We had a few comped nights at this very adorable hotel.  The hotel is smaller, keeping to its original Art Deco architecture but the amenities were flawless.  My only con to this stay, well 2 of them, was that the day we arrived (the 4th of July) they were hosting a mammoth party for the holiday & the suffered a power outage.  This sadly impacted the entire block so after several hours, power was restored, the crowds died down and we enjoyed the resort.  The other con to note was that the bathroom was small.  Single sink with 4 people… two being teenagers, was a challenge.  Otherwise, very clean, beds were superb and we loved it.

The One if I could live in one hotel forever… sign me up!  First things first.  The Spartan gym was the most bomb ass gym on the planet.  Period.  The hotel take inspiration from nature and it shows.  EVERYWHERE.  Plus, they had the most insane vegan restaurant on the planet that I will dream about forever. PLNTHOUSE was everything.  We ate their two times and seriously would’ve gone every single day if allowed to πŸ˜‰  It was extraordinarily spendy but worth each cent. The sister restaurant to this restaurant was Food & Wine which was even more incredible.  If it weren’t for the excessive humidity, I may want to move here just for the vegan food.

Okay, so let’s get to the important part… the food!

So PLTHOUSE was noted above.  It’s the best.  Like EVER.

The entire trip I continued to practice my intermittent fasting and ate all savory meals (minus desserts).  I wanted to share a few pics.

Here were a few of our favorites in South Beach:

Plant Theory

Tocaya Organica for organic Mexican.  LOVED this place.  We ate there 2 times and they allow you to build your meal with great vegan options.  Try the vegan picadillo.

SushiSamba.  Okay I’ve eaten at their Las Vegas location. This did not disappoint.

Another favorite… was DIRT.

We walked about 2 miles to this restaurant and we loved it.  Tons of vegan and non vegan options.  Very clean.  Great options.  Seriously, this was my favorite.

While touring around, Sydney spotted her favorite.  Now these are vegetarian… and gluten free.  NO dairy.  She enjoyed the treat.

My final recommendation for South Beach is Lilikoi.  We hit this up for our last dinner in South Beach.  It was so damn good and this ice cream… dying!  Still dying.  I miss it.  Desperately.

This burger… so damn good. And booch was on tap everywhere!  Love.

I wanted to share 2 more restaurants in Key West.  Both were good.  Nothing special but good vegan options to mention.

I almost forgot to mention Bunny Cakes!  Sadly I instastoried my pics and didn’t save any.  The best gf/vegan bakery I think I’ve ever been too.  A must try!

Date and Thyme.  We had a lovely breakfast there.  I had this salad with curry salad.

And we had to stop and get Sydney this vegan key lime pie.  The restaurant and service was okay.  Worth the share however.  The Cafe.

I hope you enjoyed my city guide and use it as a reference the next time you find yourself down in South Beach.

Sunday:  5.5 outdoor, sweaty miles plus several dog walks
Monday: 1h 15m weightlifting session plus core, 35 minutes cardio
Tuesday: 1h 1 m weightlifting/core, 35 mins cardio

— Knead to Cook

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