Best of… Vegan Meats.

Moving on to the Best of… series I thought I would focus on a big one – vegan meats!  There are plenty of options out there and I feel like I’ve tried most (I’m sure I haven’t but…).  I compiled our favorites list and these can be found at most grocery stores and Targets across the country.  One caveat, my favorite – all time best meat alternative however is only found at Whole Foods but it is totally worth the trip to get your hands on their burgers.  More on that below.

Now the big comment every vegan hears from their carnivore counterparts is:  “If you need to find a meat replacement, why don’t you just eat the real deal?”.  Well… because we don’t believe in eating animals.  If there is a plant-based substitute available that is just as tasty, isn’t laden with hormones, blood and who-knows-what binders… why wouldn’t you eat that?  Tirade over. Ha.

Without further adieu… let’s get to the list.

Are you ready???? Okay, here it is!

I feel like this list is very burger heavy and it is.  I’m not a big vegan lunchmeat, hot dog type girl.  I wasn’t a fan of the meat version either.  But these are all truly phenomenal products.  So let me get started…

The top row:  Field Roast hand formed burgers are vegan, juicy and perfect! Beyond Meat makes SEVERAL appearances on this list and you will find that they make a far superior product.  The beefy crumbles are perfect in chili, sauce, soups and for tacos!

Next row… yep, sliders by Beyond Meat.  Protein bomb and the flavor is on point!  They also make full size burgers as well.  I love cooking these up and adding to my salad.  This company is my favorite!  The next burger is the best burger you will find on the market.  Beyond Meat has perfect the burger bleeding in the pan (thanks to beet juice) and the texture is so on par with traditional beef that you will honestly pause in shock while eating.  This is the burger only available at Whole Foods.  My advice:  RUN and stock up!  Next up:  Trader Joe’s Chickenless crispy tenders.  Oh man these are a huge favorite in my house.  We cook them up in the oven and they are devoured in seconds.  Great price point and flavor.

The last four products go a little bit like this… Gardein meatless meatballs have actually tricked carnivores into believing these are real.  I often add them to salads, in my pasta dishes or as my youngest just loves them as a meatball hoagie.  The flavor, texture… all totally dreamy. I’m linking them to Walmart because their website it giving me issues.  Plus I’ve found these at Target as well. Stock up!  Hilary’s Adzuki burger is my absolute favorite along with their sausage patties.  The texture and flavor is unmistakably perfect.  Their products are not as protein heavy as Beyond Meat but oh so good.  My last “meat” product is fruit-based.  Upton’s Jack Fruit when cooked resembles and mimics pulled pork texture.  These come in many different flavor profiles and my husband is addicted to them.  He eats them on rolls, in tacos… straight up.  Available online and at Whole Foods.

So what you would like me to tackle next in my favorite vegan products?  Please comment and let me know.

— Knead to Cook

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  1. Yesss the “chicken” by beyond meat is amazing! Just picked up a bag today for vegan Caesar’s

  2. This is a GREAT starting place for those of us just starting out/testing out products like this! Thanks so much!
    Any thoughts or suggestions for recipes that call for ground chicken or ground turkey?

  3. Beyond Burger is the best veg burger I have eaten yet! Even better, here in the Midwest it is available at HyVee grocery stores.

  4. I tried the Beyond Meat burger for the first time and I am shocked at how good it was! I grilled it and the taste was delicious, reminded me of a real beef burger. I had to stop eating beef due to an allergy and these are the closest plant based burgergs I have found that taste like meat.

  5. Thanks, I haven’t transitioned all the way but I did try the beyond sausage product and I love it. I’ve seen this item where I live.