2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

You all know I’m big fan of the ear cuffs. This cuff adds a fun bit of interest without an additional piercing. Would work any teen, young lady right on up as a gift! And the price point is perfect.

This has been on my Amazon list forEVER and a day and once we move, I need to buy it. A USB charged lighter for candles. Genius and reduces waste. I’m here for it! ANYONE (well not kids, on your list would fully use this!).

When I stumbled upon my favorite masks on line, I started to check out their other products. I bought these hair ties and immediately fell in love as they don’t create bumps and humps in my hair. They last a long time and let’s face it, anyone who has medium to long hair always needs new ties! These don’t damage the hair. The coils hold it perfectly in place. Great price too!

Harney and Sons has been my go-to tea for about 10 years. It’s pretty much all I drink. This set is perfect for the holidays, being peppermint flavored, however also serves as a lovely digestive aid during the period of over consumption during the holiday season.

Not being a fan of animal products, I found a satin option. Satin pillowcases help prevent wrinkles, damaging your hair etc. This set includes 2 and is priced below $10 and has over 86k reviews 4.5 star reviews!

CBD. In particular, my favorite Ikthus CBD gummies or tincture make the perfect gift! I use daily to restore balance, help with pain management, reduce stress and anxiety and help me sleep. Win. My discount code gets you 15% off (code: Knead) and it’s on sale!

This mix is the BOMB! Its so good and I have it on repeat purchase. Hot cacao with turmeric mix. I put it in milk frother or just add hot milk. Top with whipped cream. It is so good and a lovely gift.

Blue light glasses. Everyone needs them! This set of 2 is less than $11 on sale now. Over 14k 4.5 star reviews. Another staple when we are at home on the computer or watching tv. Great as a gift or stocking stuffer.

I dare you to go look at this product, watch the video (a must) and tell me this isn’t the coolest thing ever! Like a cathartic activity for teens or adults. I may need this.

Final items and when don’t we need to calm the body? Hello 2021 isn’t looking any better than 2020. Baths on tap to relax and restore the body. EVERYONE can use this one. A indulgent item that will be appreciate by you or whomever you gift this to.


— Knead to Cook

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