2020 Holiday Gift Guide Small Businesses.

I keep saying I’m done but yet, here we are again. I couldn’t forget my favorites. Small businesses you can support online! Great gifts. Great prices. Let’s go!

I couldn’t resist the White Paws dog toys. They are a bit more resistant to soft toy destroying dogs. So they do last longer! Squeakers added for more dog fun 🙂 Funny spin for the adult dog parents who love their White Claws.

Admittedly, I love smudging my house. It’s a way to energetically cleanse a space. Negative energy, I smudge. New home… you bet I’m doing it. I have a jar on my windowsill with my Palo Santo. This is a small business owned set of Palo Santo and it’s a great price and a great way to help a small business out.

Anyone who needs a fun little stocking stuffer or small under $15 gift (closer to $11 with the coupon code). This lip scrub I personally own, need more of, is phenomenal. Small business and black owned company.

Recycled wine bottle glasses. Calling all wine enthusiasts! What a lovely gift for newlyweds, parents, friends, relatives… $25 and it really is a unique gift idea.

Beard balm for the guys! Great stocking stuffer or small gift exchange idea. Maybe even Santa would love this one!

One of the most on-trend styles now and this version is quite affordable. Personalized necklace. Think of a new momma on your list, teen, young lady. It’s lovely, great price and so thoughtful.

This hair mask is on my gift list for someone special. Perfect self care gift or stocking stuffer.

Any sports fans on your list? Kids? Teens? A small business owner, who is also a teen, created these in various sports and they are adorable!

Another great black owned small business. This Piri Piri seasoning is phenomenal on roasted vegs, tofu… or whatever protein you’re using. Great for the cook on your list. Stocking stuffer idea for the grill master. Something a bit different than the usual.

I’m trying to squeeze as many ideas on this guide as possible. A military owed business that creates yummy, healthy dog treats. Various flavors but these are our pups favorites apple and hemp. Vegan too!

I bought this set for Bill (hopefully he doesn’t see this). I love the meaning behind it and wanted to share. Great price. Would work for males and females and let’s face it… who doesn’t need protection from negative right now?

This Tibetan bracelet puts focus on the Red colors in the jewelry, which is known to be able to attract good fortune both in your personal life and in your business endeavors. 
By wearing this bracelet all of the time, you can ward off all of these negative effects to help improve upon the quality of your life. This is all due to the belief that the red string helps to absorb negative energy to transmute it into something positive for you to enjoy. 

That’s a wrap! Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving! ~ox

— Knead to Cook

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