2020 Holiday Gift Guide: Quarantining at home gift ideas

This new pedicure system was newly released and I’m here for it. If you’ve followed my Instagram, I’ve been doing my manicures weekly and their polish is the BEST! Their polishes last with hard core use of your hands, for at least a week!

I know this one is a bit of a splurge but I’m all for spending and investing in something you absolutely love and will use. Well with months of isolation upon us again, a television has been a staple for Netflix binges. We recently bought a home with the most incredible millwork on the focal wall and we decided to buy this tv. The tv, while not in use, serves as a piece of artwork v. a big black box on your wall. It mounts flush to the wall and blends in perfectly. You can actually buy artwork or upload photos or your favorites right onto the screen. Etsy has a ton of seasonal/artwork/etc. for about $4 per image.

Bedding. We’ve all been there. You buy a set at Target or Homegoods. It’s okay. Eventually it’s not and you need to replace it. Around our anniversary we decided to buy a lovely set from Boll & Branch and we couldn’t be happier. The quality. The feel. It’s magical. Just goes to prove when you invest in something it will serve you a long time.

We’re cooking more and eating out less. This style vegetable knife is by far my favorite! Great gift for anyone who loves to cook on your list!

To pair up with the knife, this bar has been a game-changer for me. I cook, a lot. I mounted this on the outside of one of my upper cabinets and have about 4 or 5 knives on it. It protects their blades. It keeps them handy. Another great under $20 gift for any cook on your list.

Let’s get cozy for a winter walk or by the fireplace shall we? Oh this jacket! I have a zip up version of this wear it all the time. To work, home, for walks with the pups. My version is long sold out but this is the same but a full zip. The tan is gorgeous in person.Washes perfectly (I air dry then fluff for 5 mins in the dryer). There isn’t a teen or woman on your list who wouldn’t love this and around $30… it’s a great gift.

Let’s not forget the men! They need warm & cozy too! The men’s version comes in a ton of patterns and colors. I’d recommend sticking with a solid color for neutrality. It would work for grandpa, father-in-law, dad, brother… your sister’s boyfriend you need to buy for – you get the point.

Readers out there? I got a Kindle last year and it has been everything! I’ve far surpassed my book goal for the year a few months ago. Downloading books is so easy and fast. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves to read.

This was Bill’s contribution! He wants to get this for our new house, we have a small backyard…. Small fire pit for some outdoor, socially distanced activity. Roasting marshmallows, chatting by the fire. Finding different things to do during our time at home is so important right now. We have this one in our cart!

— Knead to Cook

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