TTLA Tempeh Tomato Lettuce Avocado Sandwich.

Let me begin by saying we are VERY late to the TTLA game & I’m not quite sure why. I mean we LOVE Whole Foods so…. we’re here & loving it!

This sandwich is perfect for lunch or dinner. And with summer tomatoes fresh from you garden?! Hello beautiful. This sandwich I used my leftover taco Tuesday guac but you can use sliced avocado as Whole Foods OG does. Okay, less chatting more cooking!

1 package of Lightlife tempeh bacon
Some oil to spray the pan with (avocado is perfect)
Fresh sliced tomatoes
Everything but the bagel seasoning
Guacamole or 1 avocado sliced
Vegenaise mayo
Ciabatta rolls, sliced and toasted


Begin by slicing and toasting your rolls. Set them aside. I heat up my cast iron pan pretty hot, spray with a small amount of oil and add my tempeh bacon. I normally cut the slices in half because they break while cooking normally. Flip after a few minutes of cooking and when they are nicely browned. Cook on the other side.

To assemble:

Take you roll and add a schmear of guac (if using) on one slide and mayo on the other half.
If using slices of avocado, just add them here.
I add mayo to the other slice and top with everything but the bagel seasoning.
I add 2 Romaine leaves to either side of the bread and add tomato slices on top of that.
Pair it up with a pickle and your favorite chips and you’re set! This recipe normally yield 3 sandwiches.



— Knead to Cook

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