Self Care Sunday Holiday Gift Guide 2019. Vegan.

I had to do a self care Sunday holiday gift list. In 2019 I was committed to taking the time to pamper myself a bit more. Everyone needs to do this for our mental well-being. I’m sharing my absolute favorites which can serve as a hostess gift, stocking stuffer or a treat for you!

This Vitruvi diffuser is stunning! No weird lights. No bubbling sounds. Just beautiful, stylish perfection for your home. Comes in a variety of colored stones. It’s truly perfection. Worth every penny!

You all know I’m a huge Cocokind fan. A female-owned company with the cleanest ingredients…. in fact I’ve brewed this mask up as a tea! It does wonders for the skin leaving you refreshed and healthy. β€œIt’s an excellent source of vitamins A,C, E, and K β€” these can act to replenish the skin and keep it firm, increase collagen production, and help reduce free radical damage.” 

Drunk Elephant, if you haven’t tried it, is insanely awesome. In fact, it has a cult following. I’ve used so many of their products and always gravitate to these sets so I can sample everything. This would be a great for a girlfriend, teacher or again, for you! I mean perfect skin overnight… who wouldn’t want that during the holiday season πŸ™‚

I bought this meditation pillow for his birthday last year and he uses it every single day. It’s really lovely quality, super comfortable and durable. For someone committing to bettering themselves, this may be a wonderful gift that they wouldn’t buy for themselves.

This essential oil fragrance by Vitruvi combination is truly one of my go-to’s and favorites. It pairs perfectly with the diffuser listed above. If your recipient already has a diffuser… get this oil! They will adore you. The combination of Frankensense, lavender and eucalyptus is perfect for nighttime, daytime or even when you’re feeling under the weather. Obsessed.

I started using a eye mask when my hours at work changed and my bedtime every other week was 5p. I found this eye mask after the first eye mask I bought started coming apart. I’m all about weighted blankets but an eye mask… oh hell yes! It creates a lovely pressure on your face that is so relaxing… I cannot explain it. Regardless of what my schedule looks like at work, I’m all about this eye mask to block out all the light. I also feel that most don’t own a mask like this so you don’t have to worry.

In the pursuit of using non toxic products on my body – I found Ella and Mila nail. I bought a few colors and loved them and then found the holy grail to keep my nails strong all year round. This clear nail strengthener really truly does what it says! I typically put this on 2-3 times a week. I’ve been using since February and have noticed a huge difference. Great little gift or stocking stuffer. Great price point as well!

Every single year in the fall Bill buys me this candle. It is by far my favorite. It is reasonably priced and it has a long burn. It’s a blend of oatmeal, vetiver and vanilla. Plus the apothecary vibe to the jar is my favorite. Can totally be reused as a vase or a candy jar etc.

Ahhhh my latest purchase. The Billie razor. This is on both of my girl’s lists. I bought one and after a long delay in shipping for some reason it came. I’ve been using it for about 1 month and I have to say that I honestly don’t need to shave every day with this one. Plus I haven’t cut or nicked myself. It has a magnetic holder for the shower. New blades are delivered however often you wish. Fun little gift that is practical but everyone will love.

Hope you’re getting some good gift ideas! Tomorrow’s gift guide will be for all the guys in your life.

— Knead to Cook

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