REM-Fit 300 Foam Mattress Review.

Pillars to successful athletic performance are fairly simple, right?  Train hard.  Fuel your body with the best food available.  And get enough sleep to restore and rebuild.  We all know how important sleep is but the fact remains that 40% of Americans get less than the suggestion 8 solid hours per night.  Many getting less than 7 hours.  That isn’t taking into consideration the quality of sleep either.  Do you remember how old your mattress is?  The average life of a mattress is 7-10 years.  Sadly, if you’re like me… that timeframe has slipped through the cracks of a busy life.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the new REM-Fit 300 with the Motivate Collection system, which tracks all of your sleeping data.  Now I will say that this product arrives in a different manner than your typical, old school mattress…

Let me digress a bit and start at the beginning… The company set up delivery for me and I assumed I needed to be home for the delivery crew to hoist the large mattress to the second floor of my house to the targeted bedroom.  I was wrong… welcome to 2016 Robin!  I was home in the kitchen working on some recipe jobs and my father had walked in informing me that there was a box on the porch.  I get a lot of packages from companies during the week so this wasn’t unusual.  I asked him to bring it in and leave it in the foyer.  A few hours later I walked in an was shocked.  The mattress was delivered and sitting in my foyer. In a box.  A medium sized box.  Wait, what?  How did this mattress fit into this box?

When my husband got home, he easily took it upstairs to the bedroom where it was going.  We did need to buy a platform bed frame.  He opened it up and removed it from the plastic outer casing and voila the bed immediately started to expand to a normal, lovely mattress.  Seriously it happened so quickly I missed taking a picture.

The bed easily set up in the wood-based platform bed frame for support (what we used).  And then, the added bonus was a tracking device that a person doesn’t need to wear. The REM-Fit motivate collection tool simply lays on the mattress to track data under your fitted sheet.  See pics below:

Goes under the fitted sheet and lays nicely.
The top cover anchor the recording device magnetically through the sheet.

The continue to make the bed as you normally do.

So the bed is ready and all you need to do is download the REM-Fit Motivate app to you phone.  Then head to bed for a restful night sleep on the most wonderfully comfortable foam mattress.


I wanted to share some of the sleep data that this app/tracker collects (2 separate nights):

IMG_4296 IMG_4295

I wanted to share some product information form the REM-Fit company:


Get a perfect nights sleep on our amazing REM-Fit Sleep 300 mattress. Featuring 6.5 inches of our unique Support foam topped with 2 inches of Cradle foam and an additional 1.5 inches of Adaptive Foam, you may get the best night of your sleep ever! The Sleep 300 mattress also features our exclusive natural Re-Ax Unleashed fiber with Hi-Flow Knit to keep you cool and comfortable while you recover and get a great night of sleep.


Re-Ax Unleashed Fiber™ – Powered by TENCEL®, Re-Ax Unleashed Fiber™ utilizes the most advanced fiber technology available. This advanced fiber reacts to one’s body during the night, providing the most active moisture management and temperature control regulation possible. Re-Ax Unleashed™ also naturally inhibits bacteria growth and is hypo-allergenic.

Contour™ – A unique 4-way stretch that creates an invisible and undetectable environment that contours to not only the sleeper, but also the sleep surface, allowing for free range of motion during sleep.
Hi-Flow Knit™ – This unique knitting style allows for optimal air flow between the sleeper and the sleep surface, allowing for a cooler sleep environment while adding a layer of comfort.
BreezTech™ – Allows for the best hot and cool air transfer. Allows the hot air to flow away from the sleeper and cool air to travel towards the sleeper. Also allows for the pillow to breathe efficiently, extending the life of one’s pillow.
Support Foam – Durable and hardworking providing the best base support for your next great night’s sleep.
Cradle Foam – Cradles you as you sleep providing the ultimate in comfort and support.
Adaptive Foam – Our gel-infused foam adapts to your body’s temperature dissipating the heat for a cooler night’s sleep.

They are currently running a 20% off sale on their website.  I hope you check them out if your in need of a new mattress and restorative sleep.

Thank you REM-Fit for sponsoring this post.  All opinions, photos and reviews are reflective of my personal experiences with the product.


— Knead to Cook

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  1. Wow! What a cool experience for you. I think that data tracking on sleep statistics is going to be the norm soon for most people, as it should be. Getting good sleep is so crucial to a healthy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Robin,

    My wife and I are considering either a REM-Fit 300 or 200. We’re looking for a mattress that offers just enough “give” on top for overall comfort, but still has plenty of support as I have sciatica. Can you go into more detail about both the comfort and support of the 300? How does it feel to you and your husband? Thanks very much!

    1. Craig, It’s firm yet quite comfortable (I love firm mattresses). My husband is in his 50’s and I’m 44 – we both are very active and workout A LOT! Sleep and comfort is critical to me. We have enjoyed this mattress tremendously and have no complaints. PLUS the delivery was incredible. The company was top notch.