My go-to makeup for aging skin. Vegan.


First, I’m so sorry for any delays in responding to posts.  A close family member had a critical and intense open heart surgery on the 14th for 8 hours and I was living at the hospital till Dec. 23rd.  I hit the ground running for Christmas needless to say.  So this post has been long requested and I’m happy to finally start working on it for you all.

Makeup for aging skin is very different than makeup in your teens through late 20’s and 30’s, application, and what looks best is on another level and I wanted to share my favorites and what I’ve found to be my holy grail collection.  This post is not sponsored and at 50 years old, I’ve been tinkering and experimenting for over the last year and happy to finally share some wonderful vegan makeup that I love.  Let’s get started!

First and foremost, as we age, the volume of the face is depleted and I noticed that under my eyes, with losing the volume, looked darker to me and needed something to brighten it up.  I learned quickly, a corrector was necessary and after many trials and fails… this was my holy grail!

It was recommended to me to use a bisque color with a peachy undertone to negate the blue.

After taking care of under my eyes, I vacillate between this skin serum and this foundation.  I’m new to foundation and this one is glorious.  Light and bright without being heavy and dulling to the skin.  Let me begin with the serum.  It has a built in spf which is paramount for skin protection.  It’s light and super easy to blend.  An award winner for good reason!  The ingredients are a delightful mix of skincare and makeup.  Unparalleled.

The foundation, I bought it and its incredible!  A bit of coverage without feeling heavy or settling in to fine lines or wrinkles.  This makeup is so glowy!  Super easy to blend similar to the serum but with a bit more coverage.  Blends super easy with a beauty blender.  I did send in pics to Ilia and had them color match me for the best color choice.

Again this foundation is an award winner with great skincare ingredients and nothing junky for your skin.

Not required by I bought it on Black Friday and I LOVE IT!  A liquid highlighter that I blend in to the serum or foundation for a super glowy look.  It’s great on the eyes as a l light eyeshadow.  Floats on the skin and doesn’t skin in to accentuate aging skin, which is key.  A little bit, 1 pump, is all I need.

Now to revisit the under eyes or any other little areas to conceal.  This concealer is good and covers so nicely.  My tip, place it on the face and allow to sit for 1 minute then blend out.  The tip for older skin is to place a few dots under the eyes near the nose and then on the outer corner of under the eye unlike the giant upside down triangle of concealer you did in your 20’s and 30’s.

Moving to the eyes.  I bought this and love it.  Again, a tiny bit goes really far!  Easy application.  Great color choices. I bought a darker color and dab a tiny bit along my last line on the my lids and blend up.  So good!

I use a loose pink toned powder just under my eyes.  If you have dry skin under your eyes, I’d probably pass on this step but I love the brightening aspect of it.  I apply it with a beauty blender and brush it gently off with a fan brush.

This is my ride or die palette.  There are no better out there for usable colors.  I use on my eyes and use as an eyeliner because shadow (dark) under the eyes v. eyeliner softens the appearance for a more blended out look that is more youthful.

For a winged look I love this liquid eyeliner. It doesn’t smudge and the price point is perfection.

Mascara.  I can go with this awesome one or this one.  Both give you the punch of elongating your lashes without fake ones because I have no interest in that.

Blush.  I have two I use and love but I have a face that apparently eats my blush so I reapply when needed.  This is my powder version and its at a cheaper price point but is such an easy blush, blends well and great colors.  I received this with my order on Black Friday from Ilia and its a creamy multi stick that can be used as blush or lip color.  So incredibly creamy and smooth.  Blends like a dream.  One note, when applying blush on aging skin, apply more on the apple of your cheek (higher) than lower on the cheek.  The point when applying is moving upward to lift the appearance as I’ve been told by the experts.

I’m not a huge lip color kind of person during covid because of masking but pre-pandemic, I love using this one! Now it used to come in so many colors but I’m only seeing a few online. Again, lipstick isn’t my jam right now.

— Knead to Cook

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