Ghirardelli White Chocolate Halloween Bark.


Admittedly, I’m not a huge Halloween fan.  I’ve never been into scary movies, dressing up and all of that.  I know, that sounds so boring and practical but it’s just who I am.  My oldest however, loves good “vintage” – yes, I say this sarcastically, because the “vintage” scary movies are from my time (late 70’s – early 80’s).  Ever since 6th grade, we’ve been hosting a scary movie party for her and her girlfriends.  Well it’s expanded quite a bit over the past three years but the same core group of friends still come (and look forward to it each October).  We’ve expanded it this year to include some male friends too (can you hear me sighing loudly?).  Insert my youngest quizzing my oldest if any of the males coming are her boyfriend and annoying the oldest beyond belief.  {Insert arguing here.}  I think we are expecting around 18 teenagers for s’mores outside in our fire pit and the feature movie is Nightmare on Elm Street.  It is always fun and my husband and I do like to throw a few unexpected twists into the night, especially torturing the girls we know will scream the loudest and scare everyone.  So the tradition continues.  Today I bought a ton of movie snacks and whipped up a batch of Ghirardelli white chocolate Halloween bark for the festivities.  Ghirardelli sent me an awesome care package last week and I’m happy to start creating some fun, seasonal recipes with their awesome products, this being my first one.

This recipe is super easy and totally customizable to your taste and what you have on hand.  Whips up in minutes!  Let’s get started!


1 – 12 ounce bag of white or dark chocolate melting wafters (melted in the microwave beautifully and fast) – directions are on the bag.
Other fun toppings you  want to include.  This is what I used:
Pretzels – broken
Candy corn
Mini Ghirardelli chocolate chips
Peanut butter cups (cut into chunks)

Other ideas:  Dried fruit, other nuts, graham cracker pieces, candy pieces or sprinkles.  Whatever you love!


Melt the chocolate according to the package directions.  While that’s melting, line your baking sheet with a Silpat or parchment paper.



Melts perfectly and then pour onto your Silpat.

Then spread the chocolate out ensuring a decent thickness (over 1/4 inch).  Then press down your toppings like this into the chocolate:


Refrigerate or place outside (colder here today – around 54 degrees) for a few minutes to firm up.  Then you can remove it from the Silpat (comes off in one piece) and break into pieces.  This chocolate melted perfectly, spreads like velvet and tastes perfect!  I always recommend using a good quality chocolate because it really impacts the end result.  Now I have to go and make a dark chocolate version.  Another idea is layering dark and white chocolate on top of each other as well.  Then pressing the toppings into it.  Endless ideas!


— Knead to Cook

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