Bill’s Watermelon Lime Martini.


We LOVE watermelon in our house.  And I realize, as school returns this week that my love affair with the fruit is wrapping up *sigh* as summer comes to an end.  Today, while grocery shopping, I picked up probably my 20th of the season and it was beautifully ripe and perfect.  My husband got to working at his new bar and whipped up this delightfully refreshing cocktail in honor of the watermelon.  Perfect to serve at a garden party, bar-b-que or for us, a s’mores night with friends around the fire.  Also perfect for a Labor Day party.  *Always drink responsibly.  

Makes 2 martinis.


1/2 cup of watermelon chopped  (plus more for garnishing)
Splash of fresh lime juice
4 oz. of vodka (we prefer Tito’s but use what you have on hand)
Dash of simple syrup (equal parts water/sugar cooked over a medium flame until dissolved – and cooled) – also available for purchase at the grocery store.


Place the chopped watermelon into your cocktail shaker, muddle it and then add ice, lime, vodka and the simple syrup.  Shake vigorously and pour into glasses.  Garnish.  Cheers!




— Knead to Cook

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