Banana Peanut Butter Yogurt Smoothie with a twist.



Can’t get your kids to eat “good” foods?  How about sneaking them in to what they love?  I posted a recipe for a smoothie a few months ago that had an avocado in it and I had several people email me questioning the taste and my sanity.  Ha!  Then they tried it on their 2, 3 and 4 year olds and guess what… the kids were asking for more!  Now I don’t go telling my kids what I put in their smoothies because then they would complain or not drink them.  Today was the perfect example… my oldest daughter went to the gym yesterday to workout with my 75 year old dad.  He kicked her tush!  I got a text this morning that stated simply “I’m broken.”  Ha ha.  Now, I shouldn’t laugh but every day of my life I have a sore muscle or muscles.  The constant pursuit of fitness will yield these results.  So with a chuckle, I knew I had to make her a nice big protein smoothie to help her sore muscles rebuild.  She, along with the workers that I have in my house today installing our pool table, all gobbled it down and loved it.  None the wiser of the ingredients!


4 overripe bananas, peeled
1/2 avocado, pit & outer skin removed
2 cups or so of almond milk (I used unsweetened)
10-12 ice cubes
1/4 cup of nut butter (I used Justin’s almond butter)
1/3 cup of vanilla or plain Greek yogurt (I used Chobani vanilla)
1 scoop of whey protein powder (I used Cabot’s brand)


Place all of the ingredients into your Vitamix or blender and combine until smooth and creamy.  Pour into glasses (makes about 3 servings).

— Knead to Cook

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  1. Thanks for posting. I have been trying out your smoothie recipes and will definitely add this one to the mix. I am having a hard time getting my husband on board with smoothies that are green. I may have to blindfold him to get him to see how great they are!