First marathon completed!

First Marathon Completed


Broad Street Ten Miler. May, 2013 with a  1:26:43

25th Mile of our first marathon – 2010

August, 2013 Cabot Fit Team member running the Beach to Beacon 10k in Maine. Personal record time: 49:01.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet three of my favorite Olympic runners – Ryan Hall, Meb and Deena Kastor.

2013 Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon 1:56:13

2013 Woodrow Wilson Half Marathon 1:56:13


2014 Broad Street 10 Miler PR 1:21:32

2014 NJ Half Marathon in Long Branch PR 1:47:51 recovering from the flu.


March 22, 2015 Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Completed.

Final trail marathon running for 2015.  Ran the first half marathon relay with a newer half marathon and first time trail running friend and the second half with my friend Pete from my ultra marathon.

Had the best time.  And wrapping up my 2015 mileage.