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April 17, 2014 Post a comment


Tonight we are hosting an impromptu casual dinner with friends.  When I’m in a rush to throw something together, I always turn to easy recipes that I know are failsafe.  Plus, I make a variety of foods because not everyone can eat everything.  Allergies seem to be more and more prevalent as I’m discovering.  One of our guests is allergic to nuts and one is has a gluten allergy so I’m making a fun springy arugula salad with fresh strawberries & pears, these spiced up Cabot cheddar crackers and baguettes I picked up at a local bakery to pair up with my pesto made without nuts.  I’m also making some brown rice pasta which is gluten free.

These crackers are super easy to make and you can make them ahead of time – which helps when multi-tasking.  These are also great as leftovers, stored in an airtight container for breakfast the next day or for lunch.  Great also with soup!
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April 16, 2014 Post a comment

After a lengthy conversation with my friend Lottie yesterday she advised some speed intervals for me.  I’ll admit, I’m just the girl who goes out and runs.  I don’t “warm-up” or “cool-down” (yes, some may be gasping at that thought.) I’m getting better at stretching afterwards (one positive).  But being completely truthful… I just run.  I always have a distance range in mind and will always fall within that mileage range but other than that – I go with the flow.  Even races that I do, I rarely have time goals.  I’ll have an idea of where I want to finish but I don’t beat myself down over it.  The reason is simple, if you run you  know that each and every day your run fluctuates.  It can be a very dramatic pendulum swing at that!  Some days you feel like you’re gliding on air (yeah, those days are rare) and some days (like many) I feel like my legs are sinking in cement.  Each race is the same way… you may feel like a rockstar or you don’t.  It’s all good.  The way I look at it – you’re doing it so who the hell cares!  I’m competing with myself no one else.

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My daughter picked this recipe from Oh She Glow’s cookbook for Meatless Monday’s menu choice.  I was thrilled and shocked that she chose it but the fact is that she does like Indian food when we get it.  I jumped all over making this as my super picky child never really cares if she eats or not.  It was incredibly flavorful and I made a few modifications along the way, which I will note.  This recipe was really easy to make and I had it done and simmering in no time.  Packed with protein thanks to the lentils.  The color, the aroma… it’s all heavenly.  Perfect cool, rainy day soup.  I, of course, whip this up on a 78 degree sunny day and topped this thick soup over basmati rice making it more like a stew.  Everyone cleaned their plate.  Success!  The downside is that it isn’t the most photogenic dish but rest assured… what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in flavor.  

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April 15, 2014 Post a comment


This recipe has been morphed from an old recipe that I’ve had for years to now accommodate my daughter’s newly adopted diet of being gluten and dairy free due to allergies.  They turned out moist and delicious and were devoured by my whole family in rapid speed!  This recipe also has no added refined sugars.  This is a snack you can totally feel great about.  Plus I added some extra protein to these for building or repairing muscle (which I need after running 13 miles yesterday).

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April 14, 2014 Post a comment



I’ve been making almond milk for about a year now.  I’ve recently been branching out and making some nut combo milks and they are so good.  I will be posting recipes on that in the future.  But one, easy peasy great starter milk is this… cashew milk!  It’s heavenly.  Why do I think it’s the best starter milk – because it whips up in your high powered blender (I used my Vitamix) and there is no pulp removal etc. involved.  You can whip this up in a matter of minutes.  You just need to soak the raw cashews.  That’s key!  Totally vegan.  Protein packed.  A hint of sweetness that makes it undeniably addictive.  Kids and adults will love.  Promise!

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April 10, 2014 Post a comment


I’ve been drinking a lot  of smoothies lately.  They are so much easier on busy nights when I have board meetings, swim open house or doc appointments or for a quick lunch. This smoothie is one of my favorites.  I also love to make this after a run, like this morning, to help rebuild muscles and let my body recover after training.  I then eat my oatmeal a bit after – allowing my body’s efforts to tackle healing muscles versus digesting a big breakfast post run.

This smoothie is totally dairy free (as I’ve mentioned, I’ve been experimenting with my daughter’s diet removing dairy and gluten) and I’m amazed at how in 3 days the difference I’m seeing!  More on that later.  This also makes a great breakfast or snack.  Packed with protein!  Tastes incredibly tropical – which is a good thing any time of day.   My daughter loves smoothies for breakfast because she doesn’t have a big appetite first thing in the morning but knows she needs nutrient dense food to keep her mind and body going till lunch.  This is a great option, especially for those kids who shy away from veggies.  I promise – they will love this one!

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African Peanut Stew. Vegan. Gluten Free.

I think I have about 6 different recipes for African Peanut Stew.  It is one of my favorites although I realized that I had gone all winter without making it.  How could it be?  Well, thousands of recipes in my kitchen, then the new creations… it just got lost in the shuffle I suppose.  Then … Continue Reading »

Almond butter raw cookie dough bites.

Happy Tuesday!!!  It’s going to be a good day.  I’m finally on the mend from the cold/laryngitis that’s been plaguing me.  I got a good night’s sleep.  I ran outside in shorts (yes this is a feat for Pennsylvania after this horrible winter) and I ran 8 hilly/windy miles this morning in the rain.  I … Continue Reading »

Raw almond flax burger.

I received Brendan Frazier’s Thrive vegan nutrition guide and then his Thrive cookbook and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the recipes.  Many I’ve shared on my blog.  They aren’t necessarily just for the vegans or vegetarians but incredibly tasty options for those people trying to incorporate a few meatless menu ideas into their repertoire.  I’ve made these … Continue Reading »

Sriracha Dipping Sauce.

I’ve developed a fond love of cashew cream as of late.  It’s incredibly easy to whip up and is one of the most versatile concoctions you can have in your kitchen.  From adding maple syrup for sweet recipes to Sriracha sauce for hot and spicy.  Use this as a substitution anywhere you use heavy cream. … Continue Reading »