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September 15, 2014 Post a comment

Roasted tomato and corn red pepper soup.

Roasted tomato and corn red pepper soup | Knead to Cook

Roasted Corn & Tomato Red Pepper Soup.  Vegan.  

Fall weather is here!  I love fall.  Everything about it.  Pumpkins.  Gourds.  Apples.  We hit up our favorite apple orchard Saturday.  Stocked up on our favorite Honeycrisp apples.  It’s just a great time of year.  Yesterday we went out early on our bike ride and it was 51 degrees air temp and about 45 while riding for 27 miles.  It was chilly but fun.  Each ride is a challenge and gets me out of my comfort zone but it was all good exercise.

In the afternoon I decided, while football watching, to make a quick soup recipe to have for tonight’s dinner.  Perfect Meatless Monday dinner idea and leftovers are great to pack-up for lunch for the coming days.  You can always use frozen corn to make this but I suggest, if you can still find fresh corn at the farm stand, use that.  Right now, tomatoes and corn are so cheap at the farmer’s market.  I stock up and roast a lot this time of year.

Now onto the recipe…
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September 11, 2014 Post a comment

Vegan Veggie Breakfast Scramble.

Vegan Veggie Breakfast Scramble | Knead to Cook.

Vegan Veggie Breakfast Scramble. 

All morning I’ve been reminiscing 9/11.  I can’t believe it’s been 13 years.  This was the one and only memorable moment in history that I had happen in my life.  It’s that moment when you remember exactly where you were, what you were doing and exactly how you felt.  I was living on the west coast and it was quite early when I turned on the news.  I remember looking at my small toddler and baby questioning what kind of world I brought them into.  My prayers and thoughts are with all those who were impacted by the devastating act. #neverforget

Today I got up early and ran 4 solemn miles and did a circuit of weightlifting.  I debated posting today but realize that life and healing requires us to keep moving forward, even with a heavy heart.

I made this recipe for lunch on Monday and have made it several times for breakfast and I vary the veggies I use depending on what I have in my fridge.  Perfectly paired with your favorite toast, gluten free bread  etc.  It’s super filling and protein packed.  It’s also a nice departure from a typical smoothie for breakfast.  I also served this as dinner to my husband mixed up with toasted quinoa and he loved it.

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September 9, 2014 Post a comment

Beet chips

Beet chips | By Knead to Cook

Do you love beets?  Many years ago I wouldn’t touch them with a ten foot pole!  Now, I’ve grown to love them. I eat them roasted to raw and pretty much consume them daily.  I like to shred many of them in my food processor and keep them for salads, add to smoothies… just eat them out of the bowl.  So I thought I would make some chips for my kids – who aren’t fond of regular roasted beets.  When I crisp them up and they seem to eat any veggie possible.  I love it.  I love using olive oil or truffle oil on these for a deeper, more intense flavor.

Bowl by Dylan Kendal.
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September 8, 2014 Post a comment

Roasted tomato soup.  Vegan.

Roasted tomato soup. Vegan. | By Knead to Cook

Roasted tomato soup.  Vegan.

This soup can be made for less than $10 total with leftovers.  Go to your farmer’s market or farm stand now and pick up tomato seconds – all different tomatoes work from cherry to heirlooms.  You can buy several pounds for $6 or less.  Tomatoes don’t need to be perfect and this soup is wonderful for preparing to freeze. This recipe is totally full-proof.  Super delish!  Perfect for a dinner party just pair up with some white wine, crusty bread and a lovely salad.  Easy and a bargain!

I make so many different varieties of this soup- like I said, it’s full-proof.  Add what you love, omit what you don’t and just have fun with the recipe.

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September 4, 2014 Post a comment

Overnight Jalapeño Radishes.

Overnight Jalapeño Radishes by Knead to Cook.

Overnight Pickled Jalapeño Radishes.

If you know me, you know I’m a spicy freak.  I also love pickles so after buying a bunch of lovely radishes at the farmer’s market- my brain went right to this favorited recipe that I’ve had for years.  Pink radishes as my youngest calls them are a favorite.  These are great in martinis, on meat or veggie burgers, on salads or straight out of the jar (how I eat them).  You can control the heat with the addition or subtraction of the jalapeños.  I hope you LOVE this recipe!

UPDATE:  We used these on our tacos last night and they were soooooo good!  The crunch, the heat – it was perfection.  Just wanted to share another fun idea for these with you.
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September 3, 2014 Post a comment

Pumpkin Peanut Stew. Vegan.  Gluten Free.

Pumpkin Peanut Stew. Vegan. Gluten Free by Knead to Cook.

Pumpkin Peanut Stew.  Vegan.  Gluten free.

On a pumpkin kick here in my kitchen.  It’s September… it’s pretty much my ritual.  I made this stew for my husband and I to have all week (vegan and gluten free) in my cooking frenzy yesterday and the day and my ingredient list got ahead of me and I was missing some black beans for a taco recipe I was going to whip up for the rest of the family.  We all ended up enjoying a bowl of this on a stormy night.  Everyone enjoyed it tremendously… I’m convinced you can get any kids to buy in when peanut butter is involved.  It would also be delicious served over toasted quinoa, rice or your favorite pasta as well.
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Pumpkin almond butter cookie bars. Vegan. Gluten free.

Pumpkin almond butter cookie bars.  September is here!  My favorite month.  Of course our weather has been perfection and now that September is here – the heatwave has arrived!  So funny.  Everyone is back to school and work today so I’m back to a routine.  Went to the gym early and got a 5 mile … Continue Reading »

Banana Coconut Cookies. Vegan. Gluten Free.

Banana Coconut Cookies that are vegan and gluten free.   Walk this way!  After-school snacking can be so fun and delicious. My kids love after-school treats I whip up – especially after a long day and then practice.  My oldest is gluten and dairy free so that can be quite tricky with cookies or baking … Continue Reading »

Vegan Red Bean Balsamic Chili.

Vegan Red Bean Balsamic Chili. School started and I feel compelled to make chili.  I know, summer isn’t over yet but fall is on my mind.  We have been blessed with such beautiful weather this summer.  The last few days had a nice chill in the morning and in the evening – which justified this … Continue Reading »

Vegan caramel icing or dip topped with sea salt.

Vegan caramel icing or dip.  First day of school, this week for my oldest, always bring a special after-school snack to celebrate surviving the day.  Why not?!  My oldest doesn’t eat gluten or dairy so this was perfect and I had a box of King Arthur flour chocolate cake mix that was gluten free.  I … Continue Reading »