Meyer Lemon Margarita.

It’s National Margarita Day!!!  I LOVE margaritas!  My preference, of course, is to be sitting outside by my fire pit with friends sipping on a margarita but it’s a Wednesday and I’m honoring this special day winter style – inside, before dinner with my hubby sans friends being here.

I have a ton of Meyer lemons.  They are my favorite!!!  So I thought I would whip up a fun margarita using them :)

1/3 c of Meyer lemon juice
1/3 c of Tequila
1/3 c of Cointreau
3 ice cubes

Add everything to your cocktail shaker and shake away.  If you wish to rim  your glass with sea salt – take a sliced lemon and run it along the edge of the glass.  Pour the salt into a small plate and dip the glass into it.  The salt will stick to the rim where the juice is remaining.  Then pour your margarita into the glass and enjoy!


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