A task for the day…

I shared this on my FB KTC page but just in case, I wanted to post it here too.

A task for the day: Take a stack of post it it notes that will be nearby you throughout the day. Yes, keep them in your purse, on your desk –wherever! Write the world “Liar” on the top note in bold. Any time during the day when you..

~Feel you aren’t good enough.
~Feel you aren’t strong enough.
~Don’t have the willpower to make the better food choice.
~You can’t avoid junkfood.
~Can’t get motivated.
~Don’t have the time to workout because you’re too busy.
~Feel like being overweight is the only option for you.
~Can’t get enough sleep.

Peel that post it not off look at it and know that the little voice inside of your head is a LIAR and that you can do ANYTHING! Hold that note in your hand… believe it – crumble it up and toss it and repeat!


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