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Hi everyone. This is Alan and Marsha. Before we get into the nitty gritty of "This Song's For You" and our Web Site, let's introduce ourselves a bit more up close and personal.

Marsha and I have been friends for over 20 years through thick and thin, hits and misses, earthquakes and riots...and have never lost our love and enthusiasm for either music or people. Between us ,together and separately, we've had a good run of success, with over 150 of our songs recorded by some pretty amazing artists....check out the Web Site for more info.

Now we embark on an exciting new journey, with our company "This Song's For You". We are equally jazzed about getting to know you our client, working on your special occasion, and having a chance to enhance your event with our own musical touch.

Here's the skinny on how we work. Once you hire us, we'll all get together, and do an interview to get a real sense of the story. We'll ask some questions and get your answers to fully understand what you want expressed in the lyrics and music. Is it funny, sad, ironic, emotional, uptempo, ballad, Britney or Broadway?....you get the picture.

Next we take this initial info back to the music kitchen, and cook up a 1st draft (no artificial ingredients). Then we meet again to get your feedback on what we've done so far and make any changes or adjustments as needed. After that comes what we consider the final draft. Of course, last minute tweaks are always welcome. And then...voila!!...there you have it...the song you've been waiting for written especially for you. Once that's completed, we start arranging and recording it as agreed upon from very simple to fully produced.

We find that we enjoy this so much, that it's more like play than work. And the most gratifying of all, is seeing the look on our client's faces when we deliver the final version. It's just a thrill all around.

We hope you agree that this could be the missing link between what you would want to have expressed for your special event, but didn't know exactly how to do it . Well ,"This Song's For You" does.

How about letting us create some magic for you too?


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