About me.

South Beach, Miami 2011


Hi, my name is Robin and I’m so excited & happy that you stopped by my little slice of blogosphere.   I hope that you can take a few moments to check things out & gain some inspiration from my recipes that I’m cooking up today.

A little background on me… I’m married to my best friend and the man of my dreams for the past 15 years.  Bill and I have two wonderful daughters that keep life very busy.  We have two cats and one black lab – all rescued animals.  I’m also a stay at home mom who rarely stays at home.

Thankfully, I love to workout as much as I love to eat!  Keeps me in check.  I’m not a crazy calorie counter, dieter etc.  I love to eat good food and I work out hard to keep myself in balance.  We try to eat as organic as possible.  I shop local farm stands and markets to buy local produce and dairy.  I love weightlifting, yoga, pilates and running.  In fact, my husband and I ran our first marathon almost two years ago and we’re currently training for our second one right now.  Life is hectic but we embrace the craziness & live life to the fullest.

First marathon completed!

I have a BS in Business with a specialization in Marketing.  My husband and I met when I began working at a telecommunications company.  When he decided to take a job out west in California, I stopped working to stay at home with my first daughter.  His career has taken us back from the west to the east coast, where we are both from.  We have settled back in Pennsylvania and love it here.

I’m an Italian girl who grew up watching and eating whatever my grandmother & aunt cooked.  My passion for food grew as I got older.  I understood that food was more than just a vehicle to fueling the body – it was a way to connect with loved ones.  I am addicted to food.  Reading recipes, creating, cooking and of course, eating!  I love it all.  I enjoy cooking for my family and friends.  It’s simply a way for me to share my love with each of them.  Plain and simple.

My cooking, in my opinion, is quite simple.  I don’t have formal culinary training.  What I know is from my incredible grandmother and aunts and what I learned along the way from trial and error.  I believe that when you cook with love, it comes through in the food and I know that people can sense that and of course, taste it as well.

Christmas 2011

In life you must be passionate about what you do, otherwise, there is no sense in doing it.

Happy Eating!

St. Patrick’s Day – Georgetown/Washington DC 2012



42 thoughts on “About me.

  1. Robin- Great Site! Congrats! Now I will have easy access to all your YUMMY recipes without saying…, “I need that recipe from you!” Your Beef Stew is on my menu for tonight!

  2. Hi Robin,

    This is great! Congratulations! Last night I cooked marinara and meatballs (from the recipes you gave me a few years ago) for our family and some friends and it was as delicious as ever! :)

  3. Hi Robin!

    So happy to be following your blog! I am so glad you found me (the spoon girl) so I could discover your super wonderful blog! Good luck! If you get out to AZ look me up…we have MUCH in common!


    • Carrie, We’ll be out there at some point. My husband is an alum at the U of A and likes to back from time to time. I’ve been posting a link to you page every time I use your silverware. I LOVE it!!! Will be emailing you soon :) oxoxox

  4. I’m looking for a recipe for zucchini apple muffins I saw yours for zucchini banana can I use apple instead od the banana I need your help !!

    Robert from Hyde Park New York Home of the CIA , FDR Home and the Vanderbuilts

    • I totally think you can! Remove the banana and I would core, peel and then grate the apple and add it to the batter. I think it would be perfect. Let me know!

  5. I was just given your recipe for pumpkin oatmeal and decided to check out your blog. Your recipes are amazing! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to more recipes!

    • Wendy, That’s great! Thanks so much for the super sweet comment. Let me know what you think of it. We’ve been eating it all week and love it. Robin

  6. I do not yet blog, but love to cook and eat but especially collecting recipes and cook books over 10000 in 50 + years of collecting. Those meatballs really are easy and look delicious Good luck and by the way neither you or your best friend look old enough to be married let alone 15 years wow

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  8. Hi Robin. Once you told me the name of your blog, i just had to check it out. I love word play, and the name of your blog is sooo clever. Just looking at the first page, I can tell I will love some of the delicious recipes and cannot wait to try them!

  9. Hey Robin, Just looking at the brownie recipe and saw that you use Wilber’s chocolate. Are you in central PA or is there another Wilber’s chocolate co?

  10. So I’m looking through your blog and I am noticing, most of your pics have accessories from Pier 1 if I’m not mistaken? ;) I’m a total geek admitting this, but I work there and I can’t help but see how wonderfully the napkins you choose go with your pictures!

    • Some pieces are from there. Anthropologie, Sur la Table, Crate and Barrel, WS, Potter Barn… where I find something that I like, I pick it up :) Thanks for popping by and visiting. oxoxo

  11. Just found your page- Dumpster Diva sent me over! LOVE it! Got to try the chili today! I always have the cornbread ( minus the corn in mine) My kind of friend- eat healthy – cooks- runs. Have a leased day.

  12. Robin,
    I found your blog via a Facebook post… my boyfriend works for Chobani and I follow their FB page, where they featured your pumpkin smoothie. I’m a graphic designer, and I just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog heading design! Who created it for you? Are you on Pinterest, too?

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